The “chatbot” by Europa Uomo opens new paths in the field of cancer.

Europa Uomo innovates by integrating a new “chatbot” that can answer questions about the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer in 95 languages. The Europa Uomo chatbot opens new paths in the field of cancer. Produced in collaboration with the Swedish artificial intelligence company Devinncoo, the chatbot has been “trained” to answer questions about prostate cancer. It can conduct conversations in 95 languages – automatically translating the language into the one typed by the questioner. This is a new way for anyone to obtain reliable information about prostate cancer in their own language. It does not replace medical advice in any way, but it can provide valuable information that can help men make important decisions – for example, regarding exams and treatment. We therefore invite you to try it out and we are confident that it will become yet another useful tool in the fight for prevention and early diagnosis of prostate cancer. Additionally, the goal is for patients themselves to obtain useful information concerning their daily lives. Visit the website and click the blue icon on the right side of the page to chat.