Medical Conference at EKYSY Larnaca

We thank EKYSY Larnacas for the very successful medical day for prostate cancer.
The medical day included a presentation by Dr. Panagioti Sakka Surgeon, Urologist on “THE PROSTATE-Diagnosis – Early prevention – Therapeutic approach to localized Prostate Cancer and” Prostate Hyperplasia and existing treatments”. Also, a suggestion from the specialized Physiotherapist Ioanna Hatzigrigori about the role of physiotherapy after prostatectomy,

The coordinator of the meeting was the Secretary of EUROPA UOMO Cyprus Panagiotis Neophytou.

On behalf of EUROPA UOMO Cyprus, the President Andreas Moiseos, Vouniotis Stavros and Ioannis Vanezos attended. The opening of the Medical Conference was made by the General Secretary of EKYSY, Costas Skarparis who thanked the voluntary Organization for its great social contribution and the important role it plays in the field of informing and raising public awareness regarding prostate cancer.

“Prevention is the best cure”